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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

XBOX Live Microsoft Points Generator Download (February 2013)

After months of hard work, I managed to find a breach in Microsoft's security system. As a result, this program doesn't automatically generate codes, but takes them down from Microsoft's servers, bypassing all security!

In order to make myself known in the world of coding and hacking, I am making this Generator available for download. However, if I protected the archive with a password in order to protect it from spammers and especially leechers. All you have to do in order to unlock the password is to complete a very simple survey, which depends on the country; most of the times, all you have to do is submit an email and that's it! :)

- Make sure you're connected to the Internet (VERY IMPORTANT)
- Select how many points you would like: 800/1600/4000
- Press "Generate" and wait.
- Redeem the code.

DO NOT RE-UPLOAD - Since this is still working, I doubt that Microsoft knows about their security flaws I'm exploiting. However, if this is made available to the wide public, it will be a matter of time until Microsoft finds out and fixes the problem. So, under any circumstances, DO NOT SHARE THIS GENERATOR!


1. Download the archive.
2. Open the .TXT file. You will see a link that leads to the survey you have to complete.
3. CLEAR YOUR COOKIES! Now complete the survey.
4. The true password file is revealed. Open it and copy the password.
5. Unlock the "Microsoft Points Generator 2013.exe" from the first archive.
5. Enjoy! :)

Keep in mind that you can easily RESELL those points for a lot of cash, therefore you can easily make a proffit! If you have any problems, just let me know!



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